Coordinates : Longitude -1.0808778405407793, Latitude 46.0707091256405
Coordinates Lambert93 : E=0384720m N=6560452m
Coordinates geographical : longitude : 1 04' 50.8" O Latitude : 46 04' 13.7" N

By plane : The city of La Rochelle has got a regional airport.

By train: The TGV (Hi-speed Train) serves the city of La Rochelle several times a day from Paris and Bordeaux.

By car :
-If you come from Paris:

If you come from Paris , both by trunk road or motorway, you'll certainly pass by Poitiers.

From here, follow La Rochelle way, that cross St Maixent and Niort.

When you arrived on La Rochelle's ring road,(take care to the radar), take the trunk road to Rochefort, and "Chatelaillon-Plage" exit.

-If you come from south:

If you come from Bordeaux, both by trunk road or motorway.

From Bordeaux, take "La Rochelle-Paris" way.

Drive your way by Saintes and Rochefort, and take La Rochelle direction by trunk road #137.

Before you arrived to la Rochelle, take "Chatelaillon-Plage" exit.

-If you come from north-west:

If you come from Nantes, take " La Rochelle-Ste Hermine-Luçon" direction.

When you arrive at " Ste Soulle", take trunk road #137 in order to take "La Rochelle" direction.

Near la Rochelle (Puilboreau), take the beltway to Rochefort direction.

And , on La Rochelle beltway, take "Chatelaillon-Plage" exit.

Detailled flat of Chatelaillon-Plage. Access from trunk road #137.

---- Your way in blue color...

In every case you will arrive from trunk road #137.

Entering Chatelaillon-Plage, take the 2 round-abouts and city center direction.

In Stasbourg avenue, turn left in hippodrome avenue. Drive your way in front of the racecourse, this avenue become the Clemenceau boulevard

Drive to the #37 bis in this street,in a alleyway on your left.